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Yepez Vineyards
 Vineyard History
In 2005, over 400 Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish grape plants were planted by friends and family on one acre of this 20 acre tract in Baytown, Texas
Blanc Du Bois is somewhat of a new variety, in that it has shown successful growth in the Texas Coastal Plains.  The fruit is a fully ripe yellow/gold grape that can be made into a charming Alsace style dry wine with a slight Muscat aroma.  It blends well with Vitis vinifera wine varieties such as Chenin Blanc, Muscat Canelli, or Riesling, to produce an outstanding off dry wine with pleasing charm. 
Our Black Spanish grape has been established as the leading red wine variety since 1883 by Val Verde Winery in Del Rio, Texas.  The fruit is a dark red grape that is excellent for making Port wine; however, recent success is encouraging for the production of dry wine. 

David and Lena Yepez, along with daughters, Savannah, Chloe and Cora dream of creating a winery and vineyard for all to enjoy.  Family support from parents, Martin and Ofelia Yepez has been crucial for the upkeep and beautification of this 20 acre tract.
Our Texas Winery offers tastings’ and indoor/outdoor seating nestled between the two vineyards.  We offer weekend entertainment, Summer Concerts on Thursdays, festivals, wedding and special venue options, picnic area, covered pavillion, and a tranquil environment for adults to relax.

Pack a picnic, walk the vineyard and enjoy the coastal breeze.  
This serene environment will attract beginner and connoisseur wine lovers of all ages.  Experience Texas wine at it’s best.

Olive Grove 2010 

In 2005, our family established the first known vineyard and winery in Chambers County. In 2010, the birth of our daughter Cora Brie inspired us to continue our quest in creating, “A Taste of the Southwest”, we planted an Olive Grove in the shadow of our Vineyard and in tribute of our “new” family.  It is the first Olive Grove in our region.

The history of the olive tree can be traced back to Biblical times when Noah sent out a dove. The dove returned with an olive branch.

The Mission Olive received its name because it was planted in groves within the mission land holdings, just like the Mission Grape and the Mission Fig. It was a fundamental element of the secular and religious practices in the mission.

In the 1930’s, the late Earnest Mortensen of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station brought olive trees to the Winter Garden area. Studies there illustrate that the olive trees would generate in Texas climate.

Texas Olive Grove and Vineyards are mostly found in the hill country.  In fall of 2012, we planted 20 Mission Olive trees that at maturity will produce 1 ton of olives. We will continue to expand our planting in the coming years.  Olive oil soon to come….

Our Family Looks Forward To Your Visit!!!!!!!